about Stevia

What is Stevia?

Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni is a plant (member of the sunflower family, Asteraceae), home to Paraguay. It is in use as a sweetener for food and beverages for more than 1500 years by the native Guarani Indians of South Americans.

Is Stevia helpful in weight management?

Stevia is a great tool for weight management, because it contains no calories, very low carb counts and has no glycemic index. Eat foods with Stevia, cut your fat grams and get some exercise and you will be on your way to your weight loss goal.

What exactly is Rebaudioside-A?

Rebaudioside-A is one of the two main components used in the creation of the Stevia sweetener. It is the sweeter of the two glycosides extracted from the Stevia leaves. It tastes sweet and is not bitter.

Can Stevia be used by people who have diabetes?

Stevia is the perfect sugar substitute for anyone with diabetes. It contains no calories and does not impact the glycemic index. It will not cause any changes in your blood glucose at all.

Why is Stevia just coming onto the market?

Because Stevia is natural product, it cannot be patented and owned by a single company. So the studies to confirm its safety were only possible after major food producers decided to finance the studies, so that it finally gained approval in the United States and subsequently in Europe.

No allergies have been reported to any ingredient in Stevia.

What types of products is Stevia used in?

The list is very long. Amongst the many products made with Stevia are jams, jellies, sweetened drinks, energy bars, candy, toothpaste, mouthwash, ice cream, seafood, cosmetics, gum, baked goods, vitamins, breakfast cereal, sauces and alcohol.

Is Stevia safe?

More than 200 studies have been conducted on the use of Stevia in humans and they have all found the product completely safe. Stevia has been used in food in Japan since the mid-1970s and in South America for hundreds of years. It is approved for use in food in Asia, Europe (since December 2011), the United States (since November 2008) and much of South America.

Does Stevia dissolve in water?

Yes, Stevia is indeed water-soluble. Just try it.

Can I cook with Stevia?

Yes, you can definitely cook with Stevia! It is very heat stable and works well for cooking and baking. Follow the information on the Usage Tips page to get started.

What is the shelf life of Stevia?

Stevia will be fine for a period of 5 years in powder form if kept away from moisture, and sealed and stored at temperatures of less than 60 degrees Celsius. Liquid Stevia is stable unless it is in direct sunlight.

Is Stevia anti-microbial?

Stevia is naturally anti-microbial, making it an excellent food additive.

Is Stevia pH stable?

Yes, it is very pH stable between pH 2 and 10.