• stesweet Light+E is the ideal product for cooking and baking, especially when large amounts of sugar have to be replaced. It combines the sweetness of Reb A, the sweetest extract from the Stevia plant with the natural, calorie-free sugar alcohol Erythritol.

    1 teaspoon SteSweet Stevia Light+E (0 calories) equals 6 grams of sugar. One jar equals 100 grams of sugar.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a novel bulk sweetener with a caloric value close to zero. It is the only all-natural sugar alcohol available today.


  • Erythritol occurs naturally in a wide variety of foods, including many fruits and mushrooms, as well as in
    fermented foods such as beer and soy sauce.
  • Taste similar to sugar, sweetness amounts 70% to the sweetness of sugar.
  • Non-cariogenic.
  • Zero Glycemic Index.
  • Highest digestive tolerance of all sugar alcohols due to unique metabolic profile.
  • Approved worldwide and completely safe.
  • Perfectly suitable for diabetics as it does not raise plasma glucose or insulin levels.
  • Non laxative.
  • Interesting synergetic effect with Stevia.
  • Heat stable up to 180°C.
  • Applications almost unlimited in food and pharmmaceuticals.

Ingredients: Erythritol, Steviolglycosides (Reb A 97%).

Recommended use

In the European Union, the Acceptable Daily Intake for Stevia was defined at 4 mg Steviol equivalents per KG body weight. This equals to 12 mg Reb A per KG body weight.

This means you can safely consume up to around 30 grams SteSweet Light+E per day (adult with body weight of 60 KG).


All recipes located at Using SteSweet can be prepared using the Conversion table .