Using SteSweet


Using SteSweet

SteSweet is the ultimate sugar substitute, sweetening by using just a tiny fraction of the product. It is perfect for use in coffee, tea, especially in coffee drinks and smoothies. It can also be added to unsweetened cereals, fruits, oatmeal or yoghurt.

SteSweet can be used in all types of baking; however, adjustments must be made for the loss of moisture. Some tips for baking with Stevia will ensure the ideal texture and volume of your healthier baked goods.

  • Add an egg white or two to increase volume and moisture. When adding egg whites to cake batter, fold them in for a higher, fluffier cake.

  • Use higher quantities of leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda to make up for volume decreases. However, you should not use more than double the amount recommended by the recipe and you will need to reduce added salt because of the sodium in leavening agents.

  • If you are using SteSweet to replace brown sugar, add 3 to 4 teaspoons of molasses for each cup of brown sugar you are substituting.

  • Bake your food using a smaller pan.

  • Reduce your baking time slightly. For layer cakes, 10 minutes less than recommended is appropriate. For bundt cakes or loaves, reduce by 20 minutes. Test cakes before removing them from the oven.