SteSweet Premium

SteSweet Premium is the enzymatically enhanced extract from the Stevia plant. Better sweet taste with no calories. Heat stable and more than 150 times sweeter than sugar. Suitable for baking, where huge amounts of sugar have to be replaced.

1 gram SteSweet Premium (0 calories) equals 150 grams of sugar (600 calories). 1 jar contains 50 grams.


Sweetener: Glucosylated Steviolglycosides (min. 95% purity)

In the European Union, the Acceptable Daily Intake for Stevia was defined at 4 mg Steviol equivalents per KG body weight. This equals to 12 mg Premium per KG body weight.

This means you can safely consume up to around 720 mg SteSweet Premium per day (adult with body weight of 60 KG).